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    • Relationship between Fintech companies and growth and banks listed in NASDAQ 

      Same Dan, Esperant (Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies, 2021-05)
      The financial sector witnessed significant events, such as the 2009 economic crisis. Such events reshaped the financial landscape and led to expanding a particular type of company called FinTech. FinTech stands for financial ...
    • A Social marketing model for Seventh-day Adventist health-lifestyle change 

      Sigauke, Innocent (Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies, 2019-03)
      Social marketing is being increasingly associated with successful behavior change initiatives. Several studies show that social marketing initiatives are effective in eliciting voluntary behavior change for preventable ...
    • Start-up and usage of workplace Whatsapp group in an Adventist college : a case study 

      Jones, Cristina Lorena (Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies, 2020-01)
      Communication and organizational behavior are key to mission achievement in any institution. Organizations and institutions are increasingly using instant messaging for internal communication to enhance managerial planning, ...