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  • Biography W.V. 

    Unknown author (1931-09)
  • The Temple scene in Revelation 7:9-17 : location and temporality 

    Kondrat, Stanislav (Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies, 2019-06)
    This thesis attempts to identify the location and the time of the temple service in Rev 7:15. The text contains a textual problem which causes a difficulty in determining the spatial and the temporal loci of the scene. ...
  • Deliverance through restoration of honor : shame and honor in Psalm 22 

    Espero, Jose Manuel Sensano (Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies, 2021-01)
    In Ps 22, the psalmist complains to God about his shame experiences. He prayed to God for his deliverance from shame and the restoration of his honor. The purpose of this study is to show the values and means in this psalm ...
  • Relationship between Fintech companies and growth and banks listed in NASDAQ 

    Same Dan, Esperant (Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies, 2021-05)
    The financial sector witnessed significant events, such as the 2009 economic crisis. Such events reshaped the financial landscape and led to expanding a particular type of company called FinTech. FinTech stands for financial ...

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