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    • Verbal aspect and eschatology in John 5:19-30 : a systemic functional analysis 

      Odhiambo, David Odhiambo (Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies, 2018-08)
      This dissertation carves a twofold stream: it seeks (a) to make fresh headways into the hermeneutic of John 5:19-30 and its eschatology and (b) to demonstrate the exegetical potency of Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL) ...
    • Whole-body gestures with the context of worship in the book of Psalms 

      Tsegaw, Melak Alemayehu (Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies, 2017-09)
      The book of Psalms records a variety of bodily movements or gestures employed in the context of worship. Studies of gestures in the Bible have taken into consideration some references from the Psalms and have approached ...